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My first book of economics, saving and investments

In this book Nico and Carol wonder what to do with their savings.

With them you will learn how the first bills and coins were born, since money does not grow on trees, and gaining or losing it has a risk and not always the same return.

They will teach you what it is to save and invest, how to create a budget and what professionals help us to invest well and prevent the monster of inflation from eating our savings.

Through simple explanations, examples, curiosities, comic strips and magnificent illustrations, you will understand words that you hear your parents say every day, but didn’t know the meaning.

Learn to be a responsible investor, solving the mysteries of finance!

My first introduction to the world of business and entrepreneurship

Join them to find out how the first companies were started, what it means to be an entrepreneur, how they create necessary value for society, as well as the ghosts that haunt them. They’ll teach you how to form your own company based on a product you’ve invented or an opportunity that’s worth taking.

Your company will be organized with a small investment (or heart, much like the human body), and will continue growing thanks to the contributions of valuable team members in various areas: production, accounting, human resources…

Through simple explanations, examples, interesting facts, comic strips and fabulous illustrations, you’ll start to make sense of words that you hear on a daily basis, but likely don’t fully understand. You will finish the book by earning your responsible entrepreneur certificate.

My first elections: public sector and systems of government

Happy birthday, Carol! You’ve reached the age of majority! Carol is 18 years old and has the right to vote. Accompanied by Nico, she’ll become informed, reflect and, if she decides to vote, will do so freely, without being manipulated or pressured by anything or anyone: she doesn’t want to be a zombie.

Together they’ll help you recall the origins of Parliament and the French Revolution, discovering what is meant by separation of powers, monarchy, democracy and political ideologies. You’ll find out how a government raises money and how it is used, as well as its responsibilities and those of citizens.

Through simple explanations, examples, interesting facts, comic strips and some fabulous illustrations, you’ll understand the meaning of terms like GDP, per capita income, universal suffrage or rating agency. So that you too can be free to make your decisions.

ESG criteria and sustainable investment. Let’s take care of our planet.

Let’s take care of our planet. Nico, Carol and many other young people are preparing to compete in the Olympics for the planet. With them you will find out what the 2030 Agenda is, how it was created and its main objectives and goals. As in sports, such achievements need planning, training, personal effort and team spirit to leave no one behind and overcome any obstacles that could block them.

They will remind you what investing is, how to do it in a sustainable way and how to meet ESG criteria: E for environmental, S for social and G for good governance.

With simple explanations, interesting facts, comic strips and illustrations, you will understand terms such as eco-labels, greenwashing, ESG rating, or new investment strategies that you may not know about but that are already driving efforts to improve the planet and comply with the goals of the 2030 Agenda. Get going, there is no time to lose!


Practical Economics for children

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Fables to make you think

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cuento lechera