Our Basic Financial Education project comes to Uruguay thanks to GAM Investments and Latam Consultus


The president of our foundation, Ms. María Jesús Soto, travelled to Uruguay last August, where she met with various groups interested in improving and supporting economic, financial and entrepreneurial education carried out with responsibility and values.

Firstly it should be said that this trip would not have been possible without the help and organisational skills of the consultancy GAM Investments, which teamed up with the Uruguayan company Latam Consultus to set up a series of training meetings during which it gave away educational books from the foundation to those attending the events as a reflection of its corporate social responsibility in support of basic financial education among students, teachers and professionals in the financial world.

María Jesús Soto gave lectures in various Montevideo schools, such as The British Schools, where she addressed students aged 17 to 18 studying for careers in Accounting and Administration.

One of the busiest events was held at the Escuela Naval (naval academy), attended by 100 young students aged 18 to 22.

At IEP Colegio El Pinar, the students attending the meeting were aged 15-17.

Another meeting took place at Harwood School, with 30 boys and girls aged 14 to 16.


The meeting at Universidad Católica was attended by 20 young people studying not only Economics but other careers, all of whom placed great value on and interest in their economic future.


Another important event that took place during María Jesús Soto’s trip to Uruguay was the visit to the Montevideo Stock Exchange, where the General Manager Patricia Torrado as well as 90 professionals from the financial industry welcomed our president.


Before returning to Spain, a meeting took place in the Stella Maris parish with 80 young people, which brought to an end what was a highly rewarding visit that tried to educate the attendees on the importance of being aware of and studying subjects that are so essential for their future and that of their country.



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